Friday, January 20, four students, and their teachers, from Glenwood Elementary presented our program.  The students had read the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park for class and had decided to take action.
The students informed us that in the book she talks about how it's hard for people in Sudan to get clean drinking water.  The students also spoke of Salva Dut, one of the many lost boys of Sudan who fled to America.  The students had a goal to to reach $1,000 to help build a well and informed the club they had reached 20% of their goal.  During the presentation, Jim Ingraham committed to helping the students reach their goal and others pledged their support to Jim.
Steve Shute spoke of the grant opportunities available and several club members spoke with the teachers after the meeting on how to move the project forward.  This will not be the first well that the Glenwood Springs Rotary Club has played a part in; but for the 4 young presenters today, they got to see Rotary in Action for the first time.  We look forward to following the progress of the project.