My name is Janice Dunn, the President of Chinle Planting Hope. I would like to extend my personal thank you for supporting our community Bookmobile and Library Resource program. With your support we have achieved our goal of owning a Bookmobile! We are definitely excited to be on a new journey of being out in the rural communities this spring. The program itself is thriving. We’ve hired one full time staff and are entering books into our Attruim system. The Bookmobile will be operating fully in the community this spring. Reading is power. Power that our native kids need. Books are where we can find our heroes, dreams, and hope. YOU have helped open those doors for our community. I'm forever thankful and eternally grateful for what you have given to our kids and the community.

Today a Reader, tomorrow a Leader. -Margaret Fuller


Janice Dunn



My Name is Alvira Teller and I started working with the Bookmobile full time on October 24, 2022. I am very passionate about the Bookmobile and Resource Room on the reservation. It’s a dream that has come true. As of today, we have 10,809 books cataloged into our system for the community to check out. With your contribution we have young children and families able to check out books and enjoy reading on the reservation and they don't have to travel far to check out books. Books will be in their neighborhood and that's the exciting thing about having the Bookmobile on the reservation. We have had children come to the Resource Room and check out books, as many as they want, so they can enjoy reading with their parents, grandparents, and siblings. We have also purchased our Bookmobile Ford van and are excited to start going out to the community to share books.

Thank you!

Alvira Teller ateller0311@gmail.com


Dear Chinle IHS Alumni,

Thank you so much for being the CPH Bookmobile Community Partner each fall. We are so encouraged and supported by your responses and generous donations towards this project. It’s a gift to know we can count on it! Thanks for the years you lived and served in Chinle at the hospital. Playgroups and potlucks are such an important part of our family memories. Thank you for continuing to support the community work of CPH as you’ve moved out all over the country. CPH is having an Open House Celebration in Chinle on Saturday, June 10, and we’d love to see any of you face to face again. We’re excited to move forward and make tons more progress in 2023!

Thanks again for your friendship and support,

Amber Drinen