It’s READY! 
The Colorado Rotary License Plate is ready at long last. It’s available to ALL Rotarians: newbies, long timers, leaders, hardworking members, non-hardworking members…everyone!
Put it on your favorite car or on all of your favorite cars. No need to wait until the current plate is up for renewal; you can turn in your current plates and order the new Rotary plate at any time!
Here are the simple steps for you to follow:
  1. Have you club secretary sign the Member Verification Form Letter. It provides proof that you are a Rotary member in good standing.
  2. Take the form to your local Department of Motor Vehicle office.
  3. Present the letter and request the Colorado Rotary License Plate.
  4. The charge is approximately $65.00 - $70.00 (depending on your county).  The charges include a $25.00 charge for initial setup and another $25.00 charge for your normal license fees. Any additional fees can vary by county.
NOTE:  The DMV no longer allows nonprofits to use the license plates as a fund raiser. No part of your fees will go to the Rotary Foundation. 
      5. The DMV provides you with a paper Temporary Plate for your car while you wait approximately 2 – 6 weeks for your Rotary plates to arrive in the mail. They also give you new registrations for your wallet
           and glove box.
      6. Reminder: you will need to remove your existing plates and turn them in.