Glenwood Springs Rotary in Partnership on the Navajo Nation
Supporting the Development of the Chinle Planting Hope Community Center
When: June 9 and 10, 2023
Where: Chinle, Arizona
What: Provide help with open house event, including set up and clean up
How many Rotarians needed: 15-20 or more!
More info – Provide your own transportation, lodging and meals. The plan is to have everyone who is a worker wear a t-shirt.  Rotary will have our own Rotary/Chinle Planting Hope T-shirt.  Each Rotarian is asked to help with costs by contributing $50 when signing up to cover cost of t-shirt, water bottle and a Friday evening taco dinner.  Payable to Glenwood Springs Rotary, PO Box 953, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.
Add your name to the list of interest.  We will keep you in the loop for updates.
Send us your:
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Project contacts with Glenwood Springs Rotary:
Debbie Wilde,; 970-618-0949
Nancy Bo Flood,; 970-456-7746