Hello Debbie and Nancy and Glenwood Rotarians! 
I can't say enough how much the partnership of Rotary and the support specifically of Glenwood Rotarians has meant to Chinle Planting Hope and me personally.  You saw us through some rough starts and stops and I hope that this June 10th event makes you feel proud of how far we've come and what we have accomplished together.  Rotary will be able to say they've been with us since the beginning. Also, I’ve learned a lot as a leader from all of you. 
How exciting too that there will be a small international team.  So cool! A special welcome to Becky Kiser and her Rotarian guests from Ethiopia and Germany.
We're grateful for all of the different parts and pieces that you're working on for Chinle Planting Hope.  I'm especially thankful to be a partner and co-worker with Read at Home and that we can support each other.  If one of us does well or grows the other grows too.  I respect all the work you've done with this early literacy program, Nancy.  
Please keep letting me know what else you need from us and how we can continue to support each other. 
Big Hugs, 
Amber Drinen