Not since Christmas have we had as many members in attendance as during the presentation Deb Wilde put together for the meeting on Friday, February 17.  From a duet playing Scottish tunes, to a fare of Fish-'n-Chips, Scotland was in the air.  And, oh yeah, there was a Whisky tasting.
When walking into the meeting Tom and Karen Cochran of Oran Mor ( could be heard playing Scottish music.  The tables were decorated with our program (with a Scottish quiz on back), tea, and shortbread.  While Tom may have been the only one wearing a Kilt, you could tell we were in for a great program.  Past Club President and 2022 Chamber Citizen of the Year Debbie Wilde delivered a fun and interesting talk on her adventures in Scotland.  While we didn't have 8mm film or home slides, the PowerPoint was fun and informative.  With husband Mike Wilde and Mike Wells in attendance, it was appropriate that Debbie included and educational component.  A written quiz was given and the answers to the quiz were provided during the presentation.  Prizes were handed out to the top scorers.  Charlene Revoir was the top of the class and there were several prize winners.  Ted Edmonds claimed what he thought was the best prize, a roll of scotch tape.
After the program, Tom Cochran provided the club some history on Scotch Whisky complete with a sampling.  We then concluded with two songs and the club joined in on the chorus.
For those not in attendance, you missed a fun program.  For those that were at the meeting, we now know the story of Braveheart, have seen pictures of a wee coo, and know the national flower of Scotland.  Thank you to Debbie and the Cochrans' for a fun tour of Scotland.