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Outstanding Seniors Recognized

At the meeting Friday, outstanding senior students Adeline Nolan and Gabriela Vigil from Glenwood Springs High School were recognized for demonstrating the key values of Rotary. 
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Chinle Planting Hope Thrift Store Needs

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets! As we move into Spring, stores may have good sales on blankets.  Also, used blankets clean and in good shape.
  • Pots and Pans.
  • Children’s socks.
  • Children clothes for ages 8-18.
Please hold onto items you collect until we can identify more storage.
Anyone have temporary room in a garage or such?  We need to hold items until the beginning of June.
Contact Nancy Flood or Debbie Wilde
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Inspiration from Chinle



My name is Janice Dunn, the President of Chinle Planting Hope. I would like to extend my personal thank you for supporting our community Bookmobile and Library Resource program. With your support we have achieved our goal of owning a Bookmobile! We are definitely excited to be on a new journey of being out in the rural communities this spring. The program itself is thriving. We’ve hired one full time staff and are entering books into our Attruim system. The Bookmobile will be operating fully in the community this spring. Reading is power. Power that our native kids need. Books are where we can find our heroes, dreams, and hope. YOU have helped open those doors for our community. I'm forever thankful and eternally grateful for what you have given to our kids and the community.

Today a Reader, tomorrow a Leader. -Margaret Fuller


Janice Dunn



My Name is Alvira Teller and I started working with the Bookmobile full time on October 24, 2022. I am very passionate about the Bookmobile and Resource Room on the reservation. It’s a dream that has come true. As of today, we have 10,809 books cataloged into our system for the community to check out. With your contribution we have young children and families able to check out books and enjoy reading on the reservation and they don't have to travel far to check out books. Books will be in their neighborhood and that's the exciting thing about having the Bookmobile on the reservation. We have had children come to the Resource Room and check out books, as many as they want, so they can enjoy reading with their parents, grandparents, and siblings. We have also purchased our Bookmobile Ford van and are excited to start going out to the community to share books.

Thank you!

Alvira Teller


Dear Chinle IHS Alumni,

Thank you so much for being the CPH Bookmobile Community Partner each fall. We are so encouraged and supported by your responses and generous donations towards this project. It’s a gift to know we can count on it! Thanks for the years you lived and served in Chinle at the hospital. Playgroups and potlucks are such an important part of our family memories. Thank you for continuing to support the community work of CPH as you’ve moved out all over the country. CPH is having an Open House Celebration in Chinle on Saturday, June 10, and we’d love to see any of you face to face again. We’re excited to move forward and make tons more progress in 2023!

Thanks again for your friendship and support,

Amber Drinen 

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Building a Well for South Sudan

Friday, January 20, four students, and their teachers, from Glenwood Elementary presented our program.  The students had read the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park for class and had decided to take action.
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Rotary Service Project with Navajo Nation

Glenwood Springs Rotary in Partnership on the Navajo Nation
Supporting the Development of the Chinle Planting Hope Community Center
When: June 9 and 10, 2023
Where: Chinle, Arizona
What: Provide help with open house event, including set up and clean up
How many Rotarians needed: 15-20 or more!
More info – Provide your own transportation, lodging and meals. The plan is to have everyone who is a worker wear a t-shirt.  Rotary will have our own Rotary/Chinle Planting Hope T-shirt.  Each Rotarian is asked to help with costs by contributing $50 when signing up to cover cost of t-shirt, water bottle and a Friday evening taco dinner.  Payable to Glenwood Springs Rotary, PO Box 953, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.
Add your name to the list of interest.  We will keep you in the loop for updates.
Send us your:
Name, Email, Cell phone, Rotary Club
Project contacts with Glenwood Springs Rotary:
Debbie Wilde,; 970-618-0949
Nancy Bo Flood,; 970-456-7746           
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2021 Work with Partners on the Navajo Nation

Glenwood Noon Rotary began a partnership with two nonprofit organizations based in Chinle, AZ on the Navajo Nation.
Read-At-Home promotes children and family literacy.
  •    Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary Club contributed $10,250 through club, member donations and a literacy campaign
  •     By September, 445 students received a school-year long magazine subscription of their own to take home and engage in a variety of literacy activities with their families.
Chinle Planting Hope works to bring hope and empowerment to families and communities on the Navajo Nation.
Glenwood Rotary Club Provided Supplies & Service to begin the Chinle Planting Hope Community Center which includes:
  • Book Share Space and Bookmobile
  • Thrift Shop
  • Bicycle Shop
  • Playground and Community Gathering Area
It is 70 miles to the nearest library. That library does not have a children’s section and is only open a couple hours a day and only during weekdays.  It is 95 miles to the nearest place to buy clothing & many other goods.
Glenwood Noon Rotary partnered with Chinle Planting Hope with:
7,500 pounds of goods delivered including 15,000 children books
702 service hours including work projects at Chinle
$67,635 contribution including value of goods and in kind services
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Rotary Bell Ringing Gathers $20,056.27!

Glenwood Noon Rotary bell ringing total added up to a great ending to 2021. Thank you, Randy Diers for your efforts in making this such a successful bell ringing year!  And thank you, Rotarians and friends that rang the bell and for those of you that donated.  
Glenwood Noon Rotary raised $5,056.27 at the kettle!  Approximately $500 more than last year.  With our Rotary Angel supporter providing us with a $5000.00 match that brought us to $10,056.27 AND another match provided via a Salvation Army Angel Supporter of up to $10,000 and we maxed it and raised a grand total of $20,056.27!
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Pie Day 2021

Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary

58th Annual Pie Day

The Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary Club is proud to continue the tradition of Pie Days, begun by the Valley View Hospital Auxiliary. Proceeds benefit scholarships to local students.
Friday, June 18 from 7:30 to 11am, United Methodist Church, 824 Cooper, Glenwood Springs
Purchase a homemade, whole pie for $30
Pie Baking Sign Up – Using this sign up is helpful. Thank you.  Click Here
You will see a category to choose (fruit pies, gluten free, other.) Check the category, then click on “Submit and Sign Up.” That will take you to the place where you put in your info and indicate what kind and how many pies you intend to contribute to the sale.
Or…let Amber know what kind and how many pies you plan to bring. 970.319.8043 
Pie Guidelines:
Homemade, of course.  No pies that need refrigeration, please. Crumb crusts and no crust pies are welcome.
All pies MUST be covered with saran wrap or a clear plastic cover when you drop them off.
We have extra pie tins! Call Amber Brandt at 970.319.8043 for additional details.
Please label your pie as follows:
Identify ingredients of concern for dietary needs i.e. nuts, gluten free, sugar free.  A copy of the recipe or list of ingredients is helpful.
Share your name, email and phone number, so we can thank you and contact you again for next year.
We ask that pie bakers use extra precaution by washing hands frequently and using strict hygienic practices.  
Drop off at the Methodist Church either Thursday, June 17th between 6:30-7:30pm OR the morning of June 18th between 6:30-7:30am.
Pie Baking Questions?  Please call Amber Brandt at 970.319.8043 (accepts texts)
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GSHS graduates selected for Rotary Scholarships

Four GSHS graduating students have been selected by our Club to receive scholarships of $2000 each for the 2021-22 academic year.
A thank you to Steve Swanson and Matt Nunez who presented the awards at the high school scholarship event night. We will invite these outstanding students to attend one of our meetings as well as participate in upcoming service projects. As a way to extend Rotary’s service ethic, scholarship committee members will also stay in contact with our Rotary scholars to be part of their support structure. Thanks to the members of the Scholarship committee, as well as all club members who raised the money for these scholarships.
Thank you Heather Exby for providing this update.
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Glenwood Noon Rotary member Matt Nunez’s photo is the Face of New Colorado Driver’s License

After more than 400 entries, a new Colorado driver’s license design was chosen Monday after more than 55,000 Coloradans placed their votes.
Glenwood Springs resident Matt Nunez’s design will be featured on the front of the license, while 19-year-old Wellington resident Gabriel Dupon’s will be displayed on the back.
“The more I learn of the stories of Coloradans across our state, I always feel the sense of pride they have in calling Colorado their home,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “This contest, these new driver’s licenses are an extension of that pride.”
Nunez’s winning photo features Mount Sneffels, located west of Ouray and north of Telluride.
Nunez, 26, said that he is a part-time photographer, taking photos in his spare time, but the final product was a “labor of love,” as it took months to develop the photo.
“I am a proud Western Slope resident and although it’s not Hanging Lake, which is our local crown jewel, I’m glad that I was able to help make western Colorado represented on our driver’s license,” Nunez said.
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Pie Days 2020

Date: 06/19/2020 (Fri.)
Location: United Methodist Church at 824 Cooper Avenue
The Glenwood Springs Noon Rotary Club is proud to continue the tradition of Pie Days, begun by the Valley View Hospital Auxiliary. Proceeds benefit local and international Rotary service projects.
Homemade pies and other baked goods are needed!  Let us know by going to this link for easy sign up.
In the Comment box, please note the kind of pie. For example, pumpkin, fruit or pecan. That will help us make sure we have a wide variety of delicious treats.
Please deliver your pie from 4 to 5:30pm on Thursday, June 18 or by 7:30am on Friday, June 19 to the United Methodist Church. If you need a different delivery option, please note in the Comment box and a Rotarian will be in touch to coordinate with you.
Thank you for supporting this community tradition!
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COVID-19 Helps

Colorado State Website with helpful and updated information: 
Full editions of the Glenwood Post are available online: Click E-Edition near the top of the page.
Local philantropic opportunties abound.  Here are a couple:
LIFT-UP is charged with large distribution needs for food:
Mental Health Support and hotlines:  
Aspen Strong
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Paul Harris Ceremony

Our Rotary Club honors 3 Rotarians with a Paul Harris Awards Ceremony
Glenn Vawter and Doug Yajko are multiple Paul Harris Fellows who were honored. Darryl Mount received his first Paul Harris Fellow.
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2018 Grant Recipients

There were three organizations who received Rotary Grant funds. These organizations were chosen because their project missions are in line with the selected Rotary theme for this year which is Education and Literacy.
$3,600 was granted to Family Visitor Program (Sandy Swanson executive director)
$3,000 was granted to Literacy Outreach (Martha Fredendall executive director)
$3,500 was granted to Raising a Reader (Rick Blauvelt executive director)
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RYE at District Conference

Rotary Youth Exchange students participate in the flag ceremony at District Conference in Cripple Creek. Goksu representing Turkey and the Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs.
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2018 Rotary Grant Recipients

3 Organizations were chosen to receive funding this year. These organizations were chosen because their mission aligns with the selected Rotary  theme for this year which is Education and Literacy.
$3,500 went to Raising a Reader,
$3,600 went to Family Visitor Program and
$3,000 went to Literacy Outreach.
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Rotary Loves to Give Money Away

Posted by Owen Walcher
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Owen was asleep at the wheel as we presented this check to another worthy recipient of Rotary Funds.
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Salvation Army Takes Greater Share of Community Money

Posted by Owen Walcher
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In these tight economic times, fewer people have money for themselves, much less to give to others. That is why Rotary likes to help the Salvation Army at Christmas to collect the change folks have left over after a trip to the store.
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Rotary Crowns New Belling Ringing Queen

Posted by Owen Walcher
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Raising more money then ever, and getting a larger percentage of participation from the club than any other single event outside Charter Night, a total hats off and three cheers to Jacqueline Skramstad, a new Rotarian for taking the lead on such an important Community project.
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2011 Chili Cookoff Great Success

Posted by Owen Walcher
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Thanks to everyone that participated in Ski Spree 2011. The Chili Cook-Off was a huge hit and everyone went home stuffed. The Missing Link was key component this great local event.
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